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Draax Series, Book Six

I had the perfect life.  Until heart disease took everything from me – my job, my apartment, my friends.

Now, my only chance of survival is the alien race Draax.


Selling my body every night in exchange for their life-saving gallberry juice isn’t easy.  Finding a morally grey Draax is harder than finding fur on a rattlesnake.


The night I stumble onto a dying Draax named Regan, I can’t walk away.  I can barely save my own life, and now I’m responsible for saving his. 


Only Regan is no ordinary Draax.  The head of the guard for a corrupt Draax king, he’s hiding secrets that could change everything for the alien race.


An unexpected rescue leaves Regan and I trapped in a month-long storm at a rival kingdom.  As we heal, our attraction turns to love.  Regan is handsome and brave and doesn’t care about my past. 


But when Regan’s secrets threaten to destroy him, will I be his salvation?

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