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The Recruit (Book Six)

The final battle begins.

Hannah has spent years battling vampires to avenge her sister’s death and protect the lives of friends and family.  With her mate at her side, they’ve battled countless threats from the blood sucking leeches.

But the vampire uprising is relentless.


With the ancient and powerful, Calissa, creating more deadly beasts daily, Hannah and the recruits are slowly losing the war.


Until fate brings a gift - Nathaniel, a priest turned vampire. 


Nathaniel may have been Calissa’s second in command, but with his soul restored and the love of former stripper, Clementine, he’s determined to help the recruits destroy Calissa and forever end the uprising.


Dangers lurk around every corner, and as the final battle descends on them, Hannah, Will, and the recruits must fight for their lives… and all of humanity.


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