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The Christmas Boss

He's in love with his boss.  What could possibly go wrong?

Loving the confident, intelligent woman of Elliot’s dreams shouldn’t be a problem…

Except Rachel is his boss, and she doesn’t see him as anything but her personal assistant.


Until Rachel needs to convince her family she’s not single at Christmas.


Agreeing to be Rachel’s fake boyfriend is a temptation Elliot can’t resist.  All he must do is survive a few days hiding his true feelings.


While Rachel might have a secret attraction to her smart and sexy personal assistant, she’d never act on it.


Not when it risks her hard-won career.


However, she’s not prepared for the heat between them, or how the easy-going Elliot likes control in the bedroom.  Her willingness to give in to what they both crave turns their fake relationship into something that feels very real.


But giving in to the deepening attraction between them means sacrificing what she’s worked for her entire life.


Will the magic of the holidays and Elliot’s love convince Rachel that she can have her Christmas cake and eat it too? 

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