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Take a Chance on Me

Book Two, Seasoned Romance Series

Indie Shaw isn’t looking for love.

She’s been there, done that, and has the divorce to prove it.


Dating in her forties is a nightmare, and all she wants is a nice, safe man to share her bed with once or twice a week.


Until Val Jensen walks into her vet clinic.  With his massive body, rugged looks, and rough demeanor, he’s the polar opposite of nice and safe.


It’s a damn shame her brain is begging her to bed him.


Val didn’t expect to be so attracted to the smart veterinarian with the curvy body and sexy mouth.  Yet there’s no denying his attraction.


After a disastrous dating experience that impacted not just his life but his daughter’s as well, he vowed not to repeat the same mistake.


But Indie’s gotten under his skin in a way that no woman ever has, and he can’t resist spending time with her – both in bed and out.


Indie and Val grow closer with each day, but their past traumas threaten to destroy their future together.  They may be falling in love but learning to trust each other could prove impossible.

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