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A list of terminology used in the Draax series.  This list will be expanded as more books are added to the series.  



Small creatures that live in the forest.  Normally a meal for grodens.  Blue fur, six limbs.  Considered to be quite useless.  Too tough and stringy to eat, but will do in a pinch.  They mate frequently and have litters of twelve to sixteen.  Babies are independent and leave the nest by four weeks old.

Caterra bird

Small birds the size of sparrows.  Bright orange feathers with lime green beaks.  Live in flocks.  Male and female mate for life and are excellent parents to their chicks.  Eat seeds and small bugs.  Make low beeping sounds.


A small and hairless mammal who can tunnel through the earth at great speeds.  They eat mostly bugs and small rodents as well as a variety of vegetation.  Females can give birth to up to twelve babies at a time.  They are shy but friendly.  Many Draax keep them as pets.  They are also used for a popular gambling sport called the Cassowary Races.  Cassowary Races are the second most popular pastime on Draax.


Mid to large mammal, orange in colour with a tough and hairless hide.  Emits a foul smell as part of it's defense mechanism.  Meat is tough and stringy, rarely hunted for food.


Large hairy mammal, black and grey in colour, found mostly in forested areas.  Very aggressive.  Meat is tender but because of its aggressive nature, rarely hunted for food.  Males are especially agitated during mating season, females more so when protecting their young.  Similar to Earth's bear.


Mid size mammal, brown with yellow spots on hindquarters and a busy yellow and brown striped tail.  Antlers protruding from head.  Very skittish and timid, it is the main meat source for Draax.  Similar to Earth's deer.


Small to mid size mammal, yellow fur and three horns protruding from the forehead.  Forages in the forest for plants and small rodents.  Considered a pest as it is excellent at breaking through fences to eat gallberry crops.  Hunted for its meat and its fur.  Most popular for a dish called moorhen (see Food).


A large predator (similar in size to Earth's buffalo) with thick black fur, four legs, yellow eyes, and pincers protruding from its jaw.  It captures its prey by shooting sticky black web from its belly.  Prey is wrapped in the web and dragged back to the herd for other hartebeests to consume. They live in herds and the females do the hunting while males raise the babies.  They have very few natural predators in the wild.  They avoid the Draax unless provoked.  Meat is inedible.


Cream coloured mammal similar to Earth's monkey.  They live in jungle trees and rarely leave them.  Slow moving, they use their long limbs to swing from tree to tree.  Young are born with tan fur that gradually lightens to cream as they grow.  


Large tan coloured mammal found in jungle areas.  Very shy and capable of moving at speeds over fifty  miles an hour.  Live in large colonies with females leading the pack.  Females hunt while males look after young.  Prized for their silky fur, they were hunted to near extinction but numbers are increasing after being placed on the endangered species list.


Small mammal with long hind legs, brown in colour but turns white in the winter to blend with its environment.  Meat source for the Draax.  Similar to Earth's rabbit.

Pike Bull

Large and muscular mammal, red in colour with three long grey horns protruding from its forehead.  Females are bigger than males and more aggressive.  Graze in open fields and valleys, prefer to stick close to natural water sources.  Only mate twice a year.  Will attack without provocation.


Long, hard-shelled brown insect with ten legs.  Burrows into the soil to lay its eggs.  An average female rugenroach will lay up to four thousand eggs.  The larvae eat plants from the roots up.  They are particularly fond of the gallberry plant.  If left untreated, a bad rugenroach infestation can destroy an otherwise healthy crop in less than a week.


Very similar to a big jungle cat on Earth.  Tan in colour with thick claws and fangs. They are solitary, only gathering together to mate.  Females raise the babies alone.  They are incredibly fast, reaching up to speeds of 80km/hour, and are excellent swimmers.  They live in heavily wooded areas and have been known to attack Draax who are hiking alone.


Peach coloured reptile with two heads and a snake like body.  Found mostly in swamps and near large bodies of fresh water.  Solitary creatures who mate twice a year.  Females lay three to four eggs.  Babies are self-sufficient as soon as they hatch.  Can grow up to fourteen feet in length.  They're predatory creatures who are not picky about what they eat and have been known to attack and kill Draax.  They can move very quickly and silently and females will eat other female's eggs and destroy the nest.

Family Names/Nicknames


Little one ​- typically used in reference to children.


Sweetheart/beloved.  A Draax uses this endearment only with a female they regard as their mate.






Bacuri Root

Bright green root vegetable, similar to Earth's carrot in size and taste.


Purple vegetable, similar to Earth's cauliflower with a nutty taste.  Can be served in a variety of ways, including boiled, grilled, and roasted.


Apple sized round blue fruit.  Harvested in the summer.  It's very sweet tasting.  Once cut up, it becomes sweeter and the juice turns almost syrup like.  The syrup is popular with Draax children to pour over faven.


Grain, high in fiber and a good source of Vitamin E.  Similar to Earth's oatmeal.​

Gallberry Plant

A small light pink plant with pink berries.  Very prolific in growth and while easy to grow in any soil and light conditions on the planet Draax, it withers and dies quickly on other planets.  Although the berries can be eaten directly, most Draax prefer to ingest it in juice form.  The berries (as well as leaves and stems) are processed into juice and serum form.  The gallberry plant heals all known illnesses to humans and a variety of illnesses for other alien races. 

Grundleswat (see Animals)

Main meat source for the Draax.  Meat is lean but tender, and high in iron and vitamin B6.  Cooked in a variety of ways.


Citrus like fruit.  Blue in colour with a thin and edible peel.  High in vitamin C.  Eaten raw as it's very bitter when cooked.

Maluken (see Animals)

Meat is tender and high in protein and vitamins B3 and B12.  Cooked in a variety of ways, but stew is the most popular method of cooking.


Meat from the Gylara mammal.  Similar in look and taste to Earth's bacon.  Can be baked or grilled.


Blue rice-like grain, has a nutty flavour.  Popular side dish, rich in protein and iron. 


A small and thin-skinned purple fruit that grows in low hanging bushes near large bodies of fresh water.  The fruit is rather sour when it's uncooked.  Most often cooked in bread and other pastries as the cooking process sweetens the fruit considerably.


Juicy yellow fruit that grows on trees.  Roughly the size of an apple.  Second largest crop farmed after the gallberry plant.  Loaded with anti-oxidants, rich in fiber and Vitamin C.  It is the favourite fruit of most Draax.  Similar in taste to Earth's watermelon.


A popular dish on Draax, it is made from grundleswat, orechoke, and various seasonings.



A city in the northern part of Odias western province.  One of the larger cities in the province with over 350,000 Draax living in it. 

Celebration of Athos

A yearly celebration of the Emrian god, Athos. 



An alien race found on the planet Cillade in the Idalia solar system.  Cillade males are close to seven feet tall with white skin and orange eyes.  They emit a soft glow when sleeping.  Males are very powerful with quick tempers and are easily insulted.  Females are smaller with yellow eyes and are more easy going than males.  They have a contentious relationship with the Emirans and have fought multiple wars with them.  Their relationship with the Draax is fractured due to the Draax assisting the Emirans in past wars with the Cillades.


An alien race found on the planet Emira in the Idalia solar system.  Emirans are over eight feet in height, red in colour with reptile skin.  They are bald with yellow eyes and green coloured pupils.  They have three digits on hands and feet, each topped with blunt yellow nails.  It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between males and females.  They have the ability to spontaneously change their gender if needed.  They believe humans carry infectious diseases.  They are mostly a peaceful race but have a contentious relationship with the planet Cillade.  The Emirans and Cillades often go to war against each other for various menial reasons.  They have a friendly relationship with the Draax and the Draax have come to their aid in past wars with the Cillades.

Festival of Light

The alien race Vokine's annual celebration.  The festival lasts an Earth week and is celebrated by all Vokine.  Only essential workers are allowed to work during the Festival.




Gardian Sea

The Gardian Sea is the largest sea on the western border of Odias.  In the warm season, the water colour is blue due to an increase in growth of the sea plant, savanta.  In the cold season, the Gardian Sea returns to its normal violet colour.


A brutal alien race.  Described as hulk-like, they are covered in thick brown fur.  Despite their beast-like appearance they are intelligent and their technology is superior to Earth's.  They invade other planets and attempt to conquer them, selling off the planet's natural resources and its inhabitants to the highest bidder before moving on.  They use rayguns and energy blades in battle.  

Iron Gate

One of several prisons in the western province of Draax.  It is the largest prison in the province and houses both maximum and minimum security prisoners in two separate wings.


A very popular card game on Draax.  Played by both adults and children.


Long life.


A tough alien race who are considered the scourge of the galaxy.  Grey flesh, white eyes, and a shock of bright blue hair.  They have four arms and move with spooky speed.  Their planet grows a mineral called malanite that is required by spaceships to travel through hyperspace.  They trade the malanite with other alien races.  The Draax refuse to have anything to do with them.  Other worlds only deal with them because of the malanite.  Have started dealing in black market selling of humans.


Also known as the Goddess of Healing, Krono is a female deity that many Draax believe is responsible for the growth of the gallberry plant.  Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the Draax race was being decimated by an unknown virus.  The Goddess Krono took pity on the Draax and performed a healing blessing on the gallberry plant.  The pink berries and the light pink leaves and stem of the plant were instantly infused with the healing power of the goddess Krono, saving the Draax from certain extinction.


Healer or doctor.  A kadana helps human females birth their babies, administers gallberry serum by intravenous, and helps guide elderly Draax gently into their permanent rest when the juice no longer heals them.


A description of status on Earth.  Lowers are considered the lowest class of humans.  They are often unemployed, living in substandard conditions (or homeless), and are more prone to being victims of violence and hate crimes.  Major cause of death is starvation or freezing to death from exposure in the colder climates.


A description of status on Earth.  Middles fall squarely into the middle class of humans.  Yearly earnings vary with the lowest income around forty-five thousand and highest around eighty-five thousand. They are usually college or university educated, live in mid to large sized homes, and average two to three children per household.

Muldeva Sand

A very pale white and soft sand found only along the shores of the Gardian Sea.

Planetary Treaty

A treaty signed between each American state and Canadian province and the Draax province assigned to protect them.


Peleus System

Another solar system that is two jumpgates from the Idalia system.


An alien race in the Idalia Solar System.  Very aloof and refuse to socialize with other aliens.  Their planet is also rich in malanite but they refuse to sell or trade it with any planet but Draax.  They charge a hefty price for the malanite and do not trade for the gallberry juice as it doesn't heal them.


Means untrustworthy and a Draax with questionable morals.  Comparable to Earth's word "scum".


The most popular game on Draax.  It is similar to Earth's basketball.  Gambling on Reso games is a common practice.


An alien race found on the planet Scuun in the Idalia solar system.  Scuuns are large yellow beast-like creatures with larger than average brains.  Males have a total of twelve tentacles while females have fifteen.  They give birth to four babies at a time and their young are capable of performing simple mathematical equations within the first twenty-four hours of birth.  A gregarious and robust race, they are prone to outbursts of singing and dancing.  They have a friendly relationship with the Draax and a healthy trade program with them.

United Space Coalition

A North American organization that is managed by American and Canadian officials.  The organization provides guidance and assistance to the states and provinces for ​interactions with the Draax ranging from juice supply, security, treaty violations, breeding contract violations, and more.


The highest class status on Earth.  Uppers are usually the extremely wealthy, politicians and actors.  Most uppers are born into their status.  Average yearly income is $125,000.  They tend to avoid any type of contact with lowers and middles.


An alien race from the planet Vokine in the Idalia solar system.  Vokines have a similar body shape to the Draax, but males and females of the race are various shades of blue depending on which region they come from.  One of the more technologically advanced aliens in the Idalia solar system, they are also known for being excellent fighters. Both males and females are of higher intelligence.  Males are often arrogant and quick to anger.  Females are sharp-tongued and well known for their fighting abilities.  When the Gokmards raided the Vokine planet, the Draax provided military assistance.  The Vokine have a healthy trade program with the Draax consisting of the trade of technology for gallberry plants.  Their planet is closest to Keo in the solar system and extremely hot, but can support the growth of the gallberry plant under certain conditions.  

Plant Life

Bolean trees

Large trees found all over the Odias continent.  Shed their dark blue leaves before the cold season, have light blue blossoms in the spring.  They're tall with thin branches and not very stable or able to hold much weight.  Young Draax often climb them as a challenge. 

Darsinian trees

Large trees with twisted trunks that are native to the Western Province of Draax.  There are many planted in the garden within the castle. 


Diacus flowers

A large flower with six circular petals. Comes in colours of pale pink, violet and a light blue.  No medicinal or food use.  Ornamental only.

Hydrana Bush

A large flowering bush with pale green leaves.  Flowers once a year in the summer.  Flowers are not fragrant but can be crushed up and soaked in hot water to make hydrana tea.


A rare flower that blooms once every three years.  Flowers are violet in colour and very fragrant.  Dark green leaves and thick stems.  Ornamental only.




A train developed on Earth for a faster and more environmentally friendly transportation method.  Mostly found in larger cities and metropolises, airtrains are solar powered and run along a track thousands of feet in the air.  The track is thin enough to be almost invisible when viewed from the ground, thus giving the impression that the train is "flying through the air". The airtrain is used mostly by the status class known as "Middles" (see 'Miscellaneous').


Machinery used by Draax farmers to assist in both the planting and harvesting of crops.

Havoc Cruiser

A space craft designed by humans to replace the airplane.  There are two models - standard and advanced.  The standard havoc cruiser is used only for shorter trips within the planet's atmosphere and are not capable of flying through hyperspace.  Although, some of the newer models are now capable of making trips to the moon.  There are both commercial and personal models.  Commercial havoc cruisers can carry up to three hundred passengers, personal models are smaller and are meant for fifty passengers or less.  Only the Uppers (see Miscellaneous) are rich enough to afford a personal havoc cruiser.

The advanced havoc cruiser is equipped with a hyperdrive, allowing it to use the jumpgates to fly through the extra-dimensional space known as hyperspace. 


Used by the Draax, these computers are similar to Earth's computers, but faster and more complex.  Most of the Draax's advanced computer and communication technology and devices are from the Vokines.


A gateway into hyperspace.  Spaceships use jumpgates and hyperdrive to pass through into the extra-dimensional space known as hyperspace. The Idalia solar system is one jumpgate away from the Milky Way.

Kyoden Ship

A larger luxury ship that Draax royalty and certain military ranks use.

Malta Ship

A personal space craft created by the Vokine and used by the Draax.  Not as commonly used now and most have been replaced with havoc cruisers in an attempt to help human females feel more at home on the Draax planet.

PAR Phones

Communication device used by humans.  Basically a cell phone with more technologically advanced capabilities, such as holograms.


A small silver rectangular scanner used by the Draax kadanas (see Miscellanous) to assist in diagnosing illnesses and injuries.

Turing Carver

A pen like device that emits a blue laser.  Used by Kadana's to slice open skin.  Also used to heal the skin - flip a switch, light turns from blue to violet, and it fuses the skin together.  Received this technology from the Vokines.


A communciation device used by the Draax.  It has holographic abilities as well as messaging, email, photos, etc.  Very similar to Earth's cell phones.  Not as powerful as a hrotti.

Vroha Ships

Battle ships built by the Vokine and used by the Draax.  Named for the female Vokine who built the first one.  

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