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An Unlikely Seduction

Who will win this game of seduction?

Two years after the tragic death of his wife, Caleb Thornwell lives a solitary life.  When he rescues a fragile and innocent woman named Ellie from a blizzard, he’s surprised by his attraction to her.  His discovery that Ellie is the daughter of the man who killed his wife, sets a plan of revenge into motion.  Seducing Ellie into giving him her innocence is easy, but he isn’t prepared for his reaction to her soft touch or his sudden desire to protect her.


Ellie Walters didn’t plan on running off in a blizzard.  But she’s left with no choice when the man her father is demanding she marry tries to violate her.  Certain she’s going to die in the blizzard, she’s shocked when she wakes up in a strange man’s bed.  That’s embarrassing enough but her immediate and heated response to his rough hands and whispered demands is downright shameful.  Trapped in Caleb’s home until the blizzard ends, she concocts a plan of seduction to avoid a marriage she doesn’t want.  ​


Seducing Caleb into taking her innocence is easy, but protecting her heart may prove too difficult.

Please Note: An Unlikely Seduction is an erotic western historical romance novella.  It’s hotter than your usual Elizabeth Kelly books so proceed with caution and a clean pair of panties.  Expect scorching sex scenes and a dirty-talking hero who isn’t shy about what he wants in bed.


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