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The Christmas Rescue

Her latest rescue may be more than she bargained for...

Ivy West doesn’t have time for love.

Especially while working full time as a vet tech and running her struggling animal rescue in her small Alberta town.  She’s content to secretly lust after her boss, Elias Hart, just like she’s been doing for the last two years.

Except now he proposes a deal she can’t pass up.  Not when he’s willing to write off the rescue’s overwhelming debt to the clinic, if Ivy poses as his fiancée over the holidays.

Saying that Ivy was Elias’ fiancée was a lie.

Elias knew it was wrong.  But at the time he would have told his sickly grandmother anything to make her feel better.  Afterall, he never anticipated she’d pull through.

But she did.

And now he’s expected to bring the sweet, sexy, untouchable Ivy home for the holidays.

With his and Ivy’s deal made, their simmering attraction turns to flame that no extinguisher can douse. Until a mistake from Ivy’s past surfaces.

Can Elias convince Ivy that they are meant to be? Or will Ivy’s distrust tear them apart?

Please Note!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “Self, I love Elizabeth Kelly books, but I wonder what it would be like to read a less steamy Elizabeth Kelly book”, then The Christmas Rescue is the book for you! 


While still infused with the same sweetness and humour of other Elizabeth Kelly books, The Christmas Rescue definitely falls on the less steamy side! 


It’s not a “behind closed doors” romance (you all know I love my sexy times!), but if you want a book to gift your slightly saucy grandmother this holiday season… The Christmas Rescue is calling your name.


Where to purchase Ebooks:

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Most of you know that I’m involved in animal rescue (I usually have a foster kitten or two running around my office).


I volunteer with a local rescue group called Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society.  Currently, because of large vet bills, they’ve had to temporarily close their doors to new intakes as well as suspend their spay, neuter return program, and assisting low-income pet owners with veterinary expenses. 

To raise some much-needed funds for the rescue, ALL proceeds from The Christmas Rescue will be donated to Zoe’s.  What do I mean when I say all?  I mean that 100% of the revenue I earn from The Christmas Rescue will be donated to Zoe’s.  I’m excited to support a cause that I believe so strongly in!

What can you do to help?  I’m glad you asked!  You can purchase the book which will then help Zoe’s help an animal in need, you can share my release post about the book on your social media and with friends and family, or you can also make a donation directly to Zoe’s by clicking the link to their website below:

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