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Katarina and the Bird

Book Three, Shifters Series

What happens when a cat and a bird fall in love?

Jaguar shifter, Katarina Frost isn't looking for love.  And she certainly isn't looking for love with a tattooed bird shifter with a smart mouth and the ability to make her cat purr with just a single, scorching look.  Cat shifters do not take bird shifters to their bed.  Especially when the bird shifter is their employee.  Too bad her cat didn't get the memo.


Ronin Smith doesn't care that Kat's his employer.  He wants the sexy cat shifter and he's determined to have her.  His offer to help Kat during her heat cycle is a temptation she can't deny and neither of them are prepared for the smoking hot, undeniable chemistry between them.


Kat knows she needs to keep Ronin at a distance.  There's no future for a cat and a bird.  But as her feelings for Ronin grow and a threat from his past tries to take him from her, Kat will risk everything to protect him.


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