One small mistake.

Two lives changed forever.

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I would do anything to save my sister's life.  Which is why I'm about to be living on the alien planet of Draax.  Giving up three years of my life on earth to be a nanny for the alien who healed my sister should be easy.

Only, I think there's been a mix-up.  This is a palace, not a farm.

I'm on an alien planet with a malfunctioning translator, a storm trapping me in a home I don't belong in, and a silver-eyed, sexy alien warrior who keeps touching me like I belong to him.

I have a bad feeling he thinks I'm here to have his baby.


As king, my people demand a queen and an heir to the throne.  With females of our own kind nearly extinct, breeding with the human females is our race's only chance of survival.

I have no desire to be mated for life, but from the moment I see my future queen, I'm obsessed.  I want the curvy human in my bed and by my side at the throne.  Her soft kisses, fiery spirit and response to my touch, ignites an unending need for her.

There's only one problem - she's breeding incompatible and cannot be my queen.

(The Draax Series Book One)

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