(Book Two)

What Readers Are Saying

"Holy Mother of God, I NEED book 3. I'm gonna die!!! These two books were FANTASTIC, and I need the next one."

"I absolutely LOVE this series! Can't wait till the next book comes out. Love the main character chemistry! Kick butt female hero with a manly man!!!! Love, friendship, action, conflict, sad deaths- WOW. Recommend to all the Cat n Bones fans!!!!! Stayed up just to read in one night cause I couldn't put it down - ended too soon."

"I thought the first book was a great read.... And I could not wait for the next instalment.... As always when you begin a series that has great potential, you worry that what comes next will go well... Elizabeth you did not disappoint.... It was interesting from the start till the end and I can not wait to read book 3.... Thank you"

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Will her need for revenge destroy her or set her free?

The Recruit

Hannah Torrington has used her new found training to seek revenge for her sister’s death at the hands of the vampires.  Her relationship with Will ruined and her abilities growing stronger each day, she is determined to graduate from the program and help end the vampire uprising.  When the vampires continue to stalk her family and Will refuses to let her go, she must battle both her feelings for the Lycan and the vampires who wish to destroy her.