What Readers Are Saying

"I loved how the story flowed throughout the book and we learn more about Sydney and Grayson's pasts. You won't be disappointed by buying this one!"

"Sydney is trying to do everything she can to win custody of her daughter. Grayson is Sydney's good looking neighbor who Sydney has had a crush on since high school. When Grayson decides to help Sydney will he get back more than he expected? This was a really sweet love story with very warm, strong characters and the book is filled with interactions that help you see their love develop. I look forward to reading this again in the future."

"I love me a hot cowboy!! This was a really sweet story. Everyone loves a hero and someone to ride in and save the day. It was also pretty hot too!"

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Can a temporary engagement lead to a permanent love?

The Necessary Engagement

Sydney Wright is broke, starving and deeply in debt.  A stupid mistake four years ago cost her custody of her daughter Emma. Now, she’ll do anything to get her child back - even if it means a fake engagement to her sexy neighbor Grayson O’Reilly. Grayson isn’t attracted to blondes.  And he certainly isn’t attracted to the tiny, skinny blonde renting his grandmother’s guesthouse.  He offers to pose as Sydney’s fiancé because he knows it will make his grandmother happy. It has nothing to do with the surprisingly tempting taste of Sydney’s mouth or the way she so sweetly surrenders to his touch. As their temporary engagement starts to feel enticingly real, a new threat forces Sydney to choose between the life she’s always wanted with her child and a chance at love with Grayson.