Mirabelle Vale, library assistant, bookworm, and downright dangerous with a slingshot, knows exactly who sends her a single red rose every year – Bennett Saxby.  After saving her life when they were children, he disappeared and the yearly rose is the only proof of his existence.  When her childhood crush returns home – all grown up and a positive beast of a man – Mirabelle is eager to have the man of her dreams.  But Bennett’s hiding his true nature and wants to keep his “Belle” from discovering the truth. 

Ella Cinders is looking for a fresh start.  Tired of working for her stepmother’s cleaning company and anxious to start her own massage therapy business, she’ll do anything – even accepting Duncan Gillis as a client.   She hates the arrogant, golden-haired playboy who pulled her braids when they were children and was witness to her most humiliating moment, so why does his touch make her blood burn?  Why does his insistence that she belongs to him make her want to join him in his bed?  And why does her touch make him purr?

Rowan Jameson knows what she wants, and what she wants is local landscaper and the sexiest man in the whole damn town - Rafe Taggert.  He might be fifteen years older than her and he might have an odd obsession with the moon and strolling naked through the woods, but she’s had a crush on him for years and she’s determined to have him.  She’s delighted when she discovers Rafe’s hidden desire for her and, with the help of her friends and her grandmother, Rowan will take exactly what she wants.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I LOVED this collection of adult fairytales. Each couple brought a new spice and interest to the set. Belle & Bennett melted my heart and panties. I loved the fact they knew each other and cared even as children. Ella & Duncan were a sexy as sin couple. The character depth and surprises really had me anticipating when everyone's secrets would come to light. Rowan & Rafe were my favorite! The dynamics and rising sexual tension had me reading this story in one sitting. Rafe's love and infatuation with Rowan was amazing and sexy. Rafe won me over completely. If you enjoy an adult twist on fairytales this sexy read will not disappoint!"

"Elizabeth Kelly took the well-known tales of Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood and spun them into three stories about strong women and the shifter men that fell in love with them. Classic fairy-tale characters became real people with imperfections and insecurities and modern-day challenges that we could all relate to.  I’m a huge fan of fairy tales and had high expectations for this book, and I was not disappointed. I hope Kelly writes more of these shifter/fairy tale stories in the future!"

The Fairy Tales Collection

A sexy, paranormal twist on three classic fairy tales.

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