What Readers Are Saying

"I have to confess, I did not believe in the Dom/sub concept, I found it too extremist and seemed to me that there was only one person having more enjoyment than the other.  Every book I attempted to read about it turned into some game whereby a rich guy wanted a nice girl as a doormat to use and humiliate at any time he felt like it.  This book is light and it brings the Dom/sub in a way where the exchange of power is clearly directly related to bringing pleasure to the other.  It was simple and beautifully made.  Maybe because it was simple, no pain, no humiliation, no mental torture, is the reason I finally see a scenario where the power play is worth trying with the right person, and I think that making me think that way is an accomplishment on itself.  Well done!!!!!!"

"I love strong female characters with curves, a bit of sass, humor and a big heart.  And of course, who doesn't love a beautiful, strong, rich, alpha male with a loving heart hidden under a brisk, cold, public face.  Just fell in love with all the main characters.  I am going to go back and read this again now, just like all the other books of this author that I have read over and over.  Just brilliant.  MUST READ."

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How far will she go to keep his secret?

The Contract

I'm not Liam Knight's type.  Not that it matters.  I’m his PA, and sleeping with your boss is the quickest road to unemployment.  Still, I can’t seem to control my lust for him.  And now that I’ve stumbled on to his dirty, little secret, my lust has become a fiery, irresistible burn.  He’s offering me a contract to keep his secret.  

A contract that will bring my wildest fantasies to life…