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Sometimes what you never wanted becomes what you need most.

Toymaker, Deacon Stone, needs a wife.  If he isn’t married in less than a week his grandmother will sell her shares of the family business, and everything Deacon has worked his entire life for will be taken from him.  He isn’t the husband type but he’ll do whatever it takes to keep control of the family business.

Single mother, Claire Brooks, dreamed of being an actress, not a maid to the wealthy.  But with an eviction notice, an empty bank account, and Christmas just around the corner, she’s barely making ends meet.  When her daughter accidentally breaks a priceless statue belonging to her employer - the gorgeous but aloof toymaker - Claire has no choice but to accept Deacon Stone’s proposal.  Marry him for thirty days, convince his grandmother they’re in love, and he’ll give her a hundred grand and the chance to finally give her daughter the life she deserves. 

Claire is determined to give the performance of her life.  But when Deacon’s kisses ignite a scorching hot chemistry between them, the line between make-believe and the truth starts to blur.

The Christmas Wife

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"Elizabeth Kelly’s books are fast paced, keep readers engaged, and once started are un-put-downable. The Christmas Wife didn’t disappoint. Claire is a down on her luck single mom to Hattie and while she made difficult choices to try to provide she still couldn’t catch a break. Hattie is sweet, sassy and too smart for her own good but is completely loveable. I laughed out loud more than once at her antics. In the beginning Deacon was not completely unlikable but not someone I would want to be around. He totally won me over by the end though.

It isn’t often that I find myself crying when reading a book, and it was a – that’s the sweetest thing ever cry not a that’s so sad cry. Elizabeth does a great job pulling the reader into the story and the sizzle level was off the charts. I highly recommend The Christmas Wife

"This book will make you laugh, smile, cry and overall just feel good. I started reading this book thinking I would read just a few chapters then go to bed, but like the rest of Elizabeth Kelly's they hook you in and you can't put down until they are complete. I loved Claire and Hattie from the very beginning, I feel in love with Deacon about 42% into book sure I liked him but something happens that made me fall in love and there was never going back!! I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a feel good book!!! Another great book by Elizabeth Kelly!!!"