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"Elizabeth Kelly is definitely going on my favorite authors list. Tempted was funny sexy and romantic. I loved it. A+"

"It was short, sweet and spicy! Definitely was a great read! The writer did an awesome job with the story."

"I loved this book. I'll be looking for more from this author. And there wasn't a cliffhanger ending where I had to purchase another book (and another, and another) to finally get the ending. Thank goodness for that!"

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Losing control has never felt so good


Lucy Reid has always prided herself on her self-control and her ability to keep her emotions and desires in check.  The arrival of her new boss, Jason Young, has her co-workers competing to see who can bed him first.  Lucy refuses to admit her own attraction to him, and his rude behavior towards her only strengthens her resolve to ignore her growing attraction. 

When a power outage traps her in the elevator with her sexy new boss, she soon discovers his coldness hides his own dark desire for her.  Jason Young is determined to show her just how good it can feel to lose control, and Lucy is aching to give in to the sweet temptation