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Life has never been better for Lucy Reid. What started out as an intense and forbidden affair with her boss, Jason, has blossomed into love. Sharing her life with him, loving him, has never been easier. His dominant touch and his desire to possess every part of her brings endless nights of unimaginable pleasure. Their life together is perfect.

But when an earth-shattering revelation threatens their future, Lucy must choose between holding on to what her heart wants most, or walking away and allowing Jason the life he deserves.

Be tempted one last time.

Tempted 3

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"These characters are crazy in love and life is perfect. Until it's not. Elizabeth Kelly has written a complicated love story that began so simply and easily and then proceeded to rip my heart right out of my chest. The pain, the emotionalism and the depth of realism will make you want to go back and re-read the previous two parts of this series like I did, because I just had to remember how good these characters really were together. I loved the secondary characters and the description of the office atmosphere was pretty accurate to real life. The potential for follow up stories is apparent. Mostly, I just really, really loved how this shook out. This piece had depth and really pulled me in."

"Another must read! I have read all of Elizabeth's books and I must say to me, this one was very different from the others (in a good way!).  Just when I think she can't get any better she does!! I laughed, cried and gasped a lot while reading this book! The characters are funny and REAL and so easy to relate to. I am impatiently waiting for her next book ."

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