"Sordid Games is a Christmas story with a twist, a sexy twist! Another story I didn't want to put down. Wes, Frannie, Owen and Daisy just made this whole story. It was funny, quirky, naughty and seriously hot!"

"I laughed so much with this story! While Sordid Games is a true love story the humor that leaps off the pages is outstanding."

"I fell head over heels for this couple! Daisy and Wes is one of the most perfect couples I ever read about. Their chemistry is so strong despites their self-insecurities about what's coming next. I enjoyed every single moment they spent together, even when they weren't alone. Wes family are one of the kind! With the house rules and their each special attitude any uncomfortable situation went from serious to hilarious laughing in nanoseconds. Oh, I guarantee everyone will fall in love with this story!"

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Rudolph isn't the only one playing games this Christmas...

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Sordid Games

Please note: This novella was originally published in the "Dirty It Up" anthology. If you've read "Dirty It Up", you have already read this novella!

Daisy Morrison’s plan for a quiet and perfectly dull Christmas isn’t working out.  Her roommate has a secret boyfriend and, terrified her family will find out, convinces Daisy to be her pretend lesbian lover during the holidays.  Sleeping with a handsome and sexy stranger the night before she meets her “girlfriend’s” family probably isn’t Daisy’s wisest idea.  But it’s only one night.  What could possibly go wrong?

Wes McKinley wasn’t looking to hook up at the bar during the holidays.  He just needed a night away from his crazy, well-meaning family.  Yet when he meets Daisy, he can’t resist her sweetness or the instant connection they have.  Sleeping with a woman he barely knows isn’t his usual thing, but it’s only one night.  What could possibly go wrong?

When Wes and Daisy meet again in the last place they expected, Wes suspects she’s playing games.  But if he has his way, in the end neither of them will lose….

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