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A man haunted by his past.

A woman determined to save him.

"I was excited and chomping at the bit to receive Shameless. The plot was engaging, the characters relatable, and the romance scorching hot. This author's work seems to be getting better and better. Riley is a bad boy biker that I fell for completely. Maddie was his perfect counterpoint and had me rooting for her safety and happiness. Holy smokes the sex. The sex is detailed and lusty without being over the top. I highly recommend this book to fans of a sexy, romance that will keep you glued to reading until the very end."

"This is a good book, about two people in pain who find healing in their love. They are both emotionally damaged, to the point that they think no one could ever really love them -- but they finally realize that they deserve to be loved and get their HE A.

Just one warning, though, there is a lot of sex and dirty talk in this book. If you find that offensive, you should skip this one. But if you like hot sex scenes, with some serious dirty talking, you will enjoy this -- it has some serious steam!

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I'm a good girl. Always have been and always will be. Born on the right side of the tracks, I've spent my entire life doing the right thing, being the good girl I'm supposed to be. Until the night I discovered my fiancé's deepest secret and the lies he'd been keeping from me. Now I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time, and my only hope of survival is a dangerous man who claims I belong to him.


I'm not a good man.  Never have been and never will be.  But I swear I only meant to protect the luscious, curvy goddess who stumbled into the bar at the exact wrong moment.  Until I tasted her.  Now, my blood is on fire for her and I'll stop at nothing to take what's mine - even if it destroys us both.