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Many years have passed since the Great War that destroyed over three quarters of the world's population. Now, humans and supernaturals alike have learned how to survive in the new world. For Avery Hendrin, the eldest daughter of the man who brought light back to the world, life has taken a turn for the worse. Sold into slavery after her father's death and branded as a witch because of her red hair, Avery resigns herself to a life in the slave house until a chance meeting with a powerful Lycan named Tristan Williams.

Although Tristan does not believe the human tales of the Red witches, he has no need for Avery. In search of a nanny, he agrees to hire her younger sister after an impassioned plea from the Red. Despite the discord it will bring to his household, Tristan cannot deny his daughter Sophia's request to purchase Avery as well.

Struggling to accept her new life as a slave and to ignore her attraction to Tristan, Avery tries to hide her healing powers from the others around her. Tristan believes his obsession with Avery is nothing more than lust. Determined to bed her despite her strange powers, will he convince her to accept her new life or give her the freedom she craves?

A dangerous desire in a strange new world.

"Ms. Kelly is an incredibly talented writer.  Red Moon has many elements that will appeal to all readers.  I am fascinated by the post-war world she creates and the characters residing in it.  The secondary characters are every bit as important to the story as the primary ones.  The love scenes are beautifully orchestrated, with just enough spice to enhance the romance without overpowering the story.  I highly recommend Red Moon for an entertaining and engaging read."

- Delane

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Red Moon

​​​Book One, Red Moon Series