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"Red Moon Rising by Elizabeth Kelly continues this family saga that just keeps getting better. The new characters compliment the story and build on the previous brilliance. The action scenes are thrilling and I have to wonder how many ways there are to kill a faery, and is this a skill that i should be developing right now? I thought the book before this one was incredibly good and it was, is, but this book here makes Kelly's brilliance shine a little brighter. If i could just read about this family and how it survives and evolves I think i would be okay until the real world interrupts. This book is very good and if you read Red Moon you simply MUST read this next!""

"Elizabeth Kelly has done it again, her new book was just as good if not better than Red Moon. The characters were amazing and the readers really only fell more in love with Avery."

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A wounded spirit.  A healing touch.

Red Moon Rising

Bree has spent her entire life struggling to survive in the world built from the ashes of the Great War. Captured and forced into slavery by the Lycans, her worst fear comes true when she is chosen as the prey for their monthly hunt.  She is released into the woods and the hunt begins. Wounded and dying, Bree is rescued by a half-Lycan named James.  Unique not only for his red hair but also his ability to heal, James is horrified to realize her wounds have been caused by his own kind. Healed by James and taken in by his family, Bree slowly begins to realize that not all Lycans are cruel.  Confused by her attraction to the Lycan who saved her life, she must learn to trust James and his family in order to save her enslaved brother.