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"Porter's Mate can be read as a standalone although for better enjoyment and understanding I recommend reading the series in order. This book was fabulous. It was more suspenseful than any of the previous books. Maggie's sweet, naïve innocence has gotten her into quite a pickle this time with a psycho ex boyfriend unable to take no for an answer. Porter isn't your typical knight in shining armor. He has quite a scandalous past that adds a rugged bad boy vibe to his character. The romance is sizzling hot while maintaining the seriousness of Maggie's situation. I recommend this to all lovers of paranormal romance. I was not disappointed!"

"Loved this book! There are so many good things I could say about it! Porter is hands down my favorite of the bunch! "

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She'll make him an offer he doesn't want to refuse.

(The Shifters Series Book Four)

Wolf shifter, Porter Burke, isn’t interested in finding his mate, until the night the fragile and frightened human walks into his bar and asks for his help.  She’s a complication he doesn’t need, but resisting her plea for help and the unexpected payment she offers for his protection proves much harder than he thought.

Maggie Wallace is in trouble.  A hyena shifter wants her, and when his obsession with her turns dangerous, she’s forced to make a drastic decision.  Alone and desperate, she makes the wolf shifter she’s just met an offer she hopes he can’t refuse.

With the help of his brother’s security company, Porter promises to keep Maggie safe.  Pretending to be her mate is surprisingly easy.  But with each passing day, their mutual attraction grows stronger and soon Maggie’s sweet kisses have his wolf howling to claim her as his mate for real.

Porter's Mate