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"I absolutely love this series!"


"I've read every book in this series and loved them all . I have been waiting for Nicky's book to come out because of the cliffhanger in dark moon and all I can say is wow this story pulls you in right from the beginning and doesn't let go.  Once I started couldn't put it down till the end . Highly recommend.  If you haven't read this series your missing one hell of a good story.  Buy them all you won't be disappointed . Fantastic job Elizabeth Kelly.  You rock."

I just got finished reading Pale Moon, and it is so much more than just Nicky and Max's story. So much more! Elizabeth Kelly sure can weave a wicked tale. I started my addiction to this series with Red Moon thinking that this shifter story was so compelling that I simply had to read Red Moon Rising the very next day. These are full stand alone novels, not just a couple of chapters. I got sucked in to this family saga that will just not leave my head!"

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A dangerous power.  An undeniable love.

Pale Moon

Unlike his siblings, Nicholas Williams has no desire to find a mate. But when a group of strange Lycans and a human woman named Max arrive at his home, Nicky is undeniably attracted to her.

On a dangerous quest to the outskirts to save his birth father's life, Nicholas is drawn to Max in a way he does not understand.  His urge to protect her and claim her as his own grows stronger with each passing day.  But when Max reveals her strange powers - powers that can harm the people she cares about most - he must find a way to convince her to trust him.