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Fifteen years ago, Gabriel Dern was involved in a car accident that left terrible scars covering half of his body.  He retreats from society and rejects the idea of ever finding a woman who will accept him for who he is. After her mother’s death, Morgan Wilson moves to the small town of Martinvale to begin her new life.  While living in the carriage house on Gabriel’s property, she gradually begins to tear down the walls Gabe has built around him.  As Gabe slowly warms up to her, Morgan must find a way to convince him she wants both his friendship and his love.

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Will her love heal his wounds?

"Intriguing characters. Warm and endearing flaws. Touching character arches that invite you into the story and carry you through the emotional landscape of tragedy and hope."

"I usually don't give 5 star ratings, but I definitely feel this one deserved it. Gabe and Morgan had such great chemistry and were perfect for one another. Morgan not only saw past his scars, but forced Gabe to see past them as well. I loved how she pushes him to embrace life and while there is the inevitable angst, it's not drawn out or melodramatic. The dialogue flows wonderfully and is realistic."

"I enjoyed this beautiful story about how the power of intimate love compels Gabe, an introverted, physically and emotionally scarred trauma survivor resigned to self isolation and loneliness, to deal with his fears and insecurities. Morgan and Gabe are very likeable, compassionate and compatible. Loved all the tender, blush-worthy and funny moments."

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Healing Gabriel