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"I absolutely love this series!"


"Sophia and Kaden get their own story finally! In Dark Moon by Elizabeth Kelly, we get to see what happens when two opposing forces get drawn together.  The characters from the previous books in the series feature brilliantly in this installment of this intense family drama. Whenever I read the stories in this series, I feel like I am a part of their lives. The action moves quickly, the love scenes are hot, and the added twist of actual crazy people keep you reading with an addictive "what happens next?" anticipation. You have to read this one!"

"I usually don't care for paranormal romances, but I have to say I'm hooked. This is a MUST read!  Great story and can't wait for the next one!!!"

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Will her love set him free?

Dark Moon

Sophia Williams, a powerful and strong-willed Lycan, never thought she would fall for a human. Yet, she cannot deny the instant attraction she feels for Bree's brother, Kaden. Used to getting what she wants, Sophia pursues him, determined to prove that she can be trusted.

Beaten and enslaved by Lycans, Kaden wants nothing to do with the family of Lycans his sister is marrying into.  But his lust for Sophia, the eldest daughter of Tristan and Avery, is undeniable.  As lust turns to something deeper he begins to question everything he believes about the Lycans.

When a mutual enemy threatens to destroy their growing relationship, Kaden must put aside his distrust of Sophia's family to save her.