Ford Taylor has endured the whispers and the horrified stares his entire life.  Rejected by both his family and strangers for the way he looks, he’s grown accustomed to his lonely life.  His life is changed forever when Stella, the redheaded beauty he harbors a secret crush on, befriends him.

Photographer, Stella Johnson, is fascinated by the quiet man with the unconventional looks.  Her sweet nature and her ability to see Ford for who he really is slowly breaks down the walls he’s built around his heart.  Their friendship soon blossoms into love.

But when Ford’s insecurities and a dark secret from his past threaten their relationship, Stella must convince him that their love for each other is the only thing that matters.


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"Broken is my favorite Elizabeth Kelly book. It is amazing, it is a one sitting read so be prepared. It is a beautiful story about the redemption of Ford Taylor from the evils of his family, rejection and pain based on his outer looks. It is a story about beauty and that not all beauty lies on the surface but comes from a loving soul."

"I anticipated the release of this book after seeing it was happening. I wasn't disappointed. I read this entire book while on a flight. The characters kept me involved and invested. Ford touched my heart in a way that is unusual due to his experiences and how he was so blind to just how great he really was. He is such a good man while going through such a terrible experience with his family and many of society. If you enjoy romances that will grab you by your heart strings while melting your panties then this book is for you. It is the perfect combination of dramatic hardships and smoking hot lust."

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