(The Shifters Series Book Five)

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Bria and the Tiger

For tiger shifter, Bria Norsen, her life isn’t turning out the way she thought it would.  Unemployed and single for the first time in years, she’s on a mission to change her life for the better. 

Too bad her pesky heat cycle is making her crazy.  Going home with a total stranger and screwing him six ways to Sunday isn’t her normal behaviour.  Neither is sneaking out of the sexy tiger shifter’s bed the next morning.

Jace Shepherd might be an expert at helping cat shifters through their heats, but he didn’t expect to be helping a complete stranger that night in the club.  The tiny tiger shifter’s response to his touch sets off every mating instinct in his body, and he’s more than happy to satisfy her every need.  It’s a damn shame when he wakes up to nothing but her lingering scent on his sheets.

Bria is mortified when her potential new boss turns out to be the very shifter who made her purr with pleasure.  To her shock, Jace hires her on the spot.  Seeing him every day sends her lust skyrocketing, but Jace makes it clear he’s not looking for a relationship.  He’ll help her through her monthly heat cycle, but nothing more. 

As Bria and Jace grow closer, Jace begins to understand that love doesn’t always have a price.  But will a terrible tragedy from his past tear them apart and doom him to a similar fate?

What Readers Are Saying

As the heat rises, someone is bound to get burned.

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"I absolutely love this series!! I first fell in love with Bria in Kat’s book and was happy that we got to hear her story.  It did not disappoint, Bria is everything I thought she would be and more, The thing I love most about Elizabeth Kelly’s book is the emotion you feel reading them and the characters feel so real that you want to hang out with them, I could totally go for a girls night with Bria, Rosalie, Kat, Ava, and Willow and if their totally hot mates want to come along too, I would be okay with that ( the more eye candy the better). It was interesting to meet Jace again and get his story as well, I loved how they kept meeting up again so you know it is destiny for these two to get together, Also loved the side story with Rosalie and I can’t wait she gets her own full story, She needs to leave Lincoln behind, definitely Team Hudson!!"

"Best day on my vacation was sitting on the beach reading this book!!! I was so excited to see that Jace got his story and it was even better to have Bria in it! I love the chemistry between those two! It was such a beautiful story of with all the obstacles Jace had to face in order to be with Bria! Bria was such a strong character and Elizabeth Kelly knows how to write strong kick ass self confident women! The romance is hot and keeps rising!
Can’t wait for the next book in the series!!!