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Grizzly shifter, Bishop King, has two loves – sex and food.  So when he meets Ava Lewis, a curvy redhead with the intoxicating scent of sex and chocolate, he knows he’s in trouble.

Ava’s looking for love, not a one night stand, and grizzly shifters don’t do relationships.  It doesn’t matter how attracted she is to Bishop, or that every time she’s around him she loses her damn mind and ends up half-naked and in his arms.  There’s no future for them and she wants her happily ever after.

But when Ava is targeted by an unstable shifter, Bishop’s vow to stay away from the gorgeous redhead is forgotten.  Ava doesn’t want his help, but Bishop’s grizzly wants her and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her – even if that means battling an ancient and powerful enemy.

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(The Shifters Series Book Two)

He'll risk everything to save her.

Ava and the Bear

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"Ava and the Bear was a laugh out loud, sexy romance with enough action and adventure to make it a must read. If I was able to rate it above 5 stars I would. The balance between the romance, the humor that had me laughing until I cried, and the suspenseful plot, that has yet to fail to surprise, hooked me from the very beginning. I had fallen in love with these characters in book 1, Willow and the Wolf, but to finally have them as the main focus of the story was even better than I anticipated. Ava is a strong, independent woman who I could see as my best friend. Bishop is sweet and sexy while still being unsure and hesitant at times. The interaction between these two is hotter than book 1 and had me reading late into the night to see what surprises were next. We are also introduced to new characters that have my curiosity piqued and awaiting their story. The plot keeps twisting and drawing farther into this web of secrets and new discoveries that has made this series almost an addiction. I highly recommend this book and author. It will continue to be a one-click purchase for me."

"Elizabeth Kelly has done it again ! Ava and the Bear is a scorching hot, naughty, panty-melting page turner. Ever since I finished Willow and The Wolf I have been dying to get my hands on Ava's story. Was it worth the wait? Heck Yeah ! If you thought Willow and the Wolf was hot wait till you read Ava and the Bear. Ava and Bishop have fantastic, earth-shattering chemistry and they're story is filled with those sigh-worthy lusty moments. Danger, suspense and intrigue, it has it all. It was a fantastic read !"