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"A paranormal romance mainly about Lycans, but with visits from other supernaturals too. Quick moving, great characters, and a well developed plot makes this book a very good read."

"I got sucked in. NO ONE IS AS THEY SEEM!!!! You should read Amelia's Touch by Elizabeth Kelly. The story has levels. As soon as one level is revealed, you get pulled into a whole other reality. I could not put this book down! Amelia suffered a tragedy that like, really, changed her whole life. But she is not what she seems to be. She found a way to survive and even help people, but she was always alone. When she meets Jack and his dog Lupe, who neither are who or what they appear to be, things really heat up. I loved how the story kept evolving and pulling me deeper. Every new thing made sense. Elizabeth Kelly writes the stories that you wish they'd make movies out of. This one is just screaming to be read! You should listen to it, you'll thank me later."

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She craves his touch.

Amelia's Touch

Amelia Barlow is cursed.  When she was sixteen, a car accident killed her twin brother and left her in a coma. When she awoke, she had the ability to hear other people’s thoughts simply by touching them. Detective Jack Emerson is half-Lycan and half-human.  His hunt for a vampire leads him to Amelia’s hometown.  He is immediately drawn to Amelia but he finds her refusal to let him touch her puzzling.  However, Amelia’s denial of his touch is the least of his problems – the Lycans want her power.