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A Home for Lily

"I really loved this book!!"

"This was a wonderful book, I was angry when I had to put it down because I had to work the next day.  This had everything I enjoy in a book, a little bit of romance, family oriented, and a very sweet and sexy man that would do anything to protect the ones that he loves, and Lily and Hazel deserve to be loved after what they have been through.  I love a good HEA story.  Highly recommend this book and all of Elizabeth Kelly books, you will not be disappointed!!"

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Trapped in a loveless marriage with a baby on the way, Lily Castro doesn't believe life can get any worse until a car accident changes everything. Now, alone and broke, she'll do whatever it takes to provide for her baby.

Firefighter and single dad, Logan Anderson, needs a nanny for his traumatized child, Hazel. When the fragile woman he rescued from the wreckage of a car shows up at the station to say thank you and applies for the job, he agrees to hire her.

Lily is determined to keep her new job as a nanny. It means the difference between keeping and losing her baby. But will her growing feelings for her new employer destroy her chance at a fresh start for both her and the baby?